The Empire Royale Apartments

The Empire Royale Apartments
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ROYALE APARTMENTS would be a fully serviced estate with 4 blocks of apartments, each having 7 suspended floors, with 2 apartments on each of the floors. Each apartment block shall have 14 apartments, each with 3 ensuite bedrooms and an ensuite maid’s room, a laundry amongst other standard spaces.

It will be equipped with an elevator, main and rear staircase, all placed in the central nerve of the block for easy access from the apartments. There would be an atrium in the centre of the structure which will be open at the top to allow for cross ventilation in the living spaces of the apartments.

The blocks shall be fully serviced with provisions for sewage treatment, water treatment and central alternative power supply.

Facilities to enjoy include:

  • Gymnasium
  • Swimming Pool
  • Basketball Court
  • Sit Out

The site is designed to encourage social interactions. The apartment blocks have been positioned around the central core of the site which serves majorly as its recreational hub and access route to all the apartment blocks. The recreational area has a swimming pool, sit outs, gazebos and a gym.The ground floor in all the blocks was designed majorly for parking and the facility management officer’s office, amongst other facilities.Floor distribution matrix:

  • Ground floor = car parking (20 cars), facility managers office, store, etc.
  • 1st – 7th floor = 2 apartment units. Each apartment covers 183 square meters of space The occupants would have access to the following facilities;
  • Swimming pool, gym and landscaped relaxation sit out area.
  • Central security, controlled power generation and water supply and waste disposal units